Will Pawling's taxes go higher?


if we don't band

together and do something FAST.


There are multiple capital projects and initiatives being discussed across Pawling right now. Every one of them threatening to drive taxes higher. The list includes a new expansion plan for Pawling Public Library, renovation and re-development of our parks, a proposed extension of the sewer line along RT 22 well beyond the portion now being completed next to the Castagna Commercial Park, an upgrade of the sewer treatment plant, a new water pipeline/filtration system for the Village, the Whaley Lake Dam repair project, and proposed town wide property re-assessment. That is in addition to four capital proposals being considered by the Pawling Public Schools using a reserved capital fund of $3 million dollars (including it's own Library project). 


Some of these have been projected to be paid for with private funds and/or county, state or federal government funding but we don't have many details.

Can we afford all of these capital projects?



What is clear is that there are plenty of them and all of them are expensive. As the cost estimates and impact becomes public we need to come together as a community and make sure our voices are heard and our priorities are defined. Each and every project has merit, but with a real estate market that is already devastated by the highest taxes around we must have information and understand how each and every budget decision affects the value of our homes.