Taxes in this wonderful town called Pawling have increased at a staggering rate over

the last 15 years.  Here is a chart showing just how much - a total increase of 160%

Click here for a full size chart


Real Estate is a competitive market and our taxes have increased to such a level that houses in our town become less and less desirable to potential buyers.  


It hasn't always been this way.  Just 15 years ago our taxes and local government spending were much closer in line with the rest of the area and our town was much more attractive to home buyers.  Our taxes have increased a whopping 160% in those 15 years.  We have a fabulous and rich history, the nicest people you could meet, an adorable village with a farmers market on Saturday that is the envy of every town around, beautiful landscapes, delicious restaurants and a rock star venue to boot!


Why would such a beautiful and interesting place be such a turn off to new buyers?  The answer is simple - TAXES. We must do something about it and we must do it quickly.  Let's communicate with our town, village and school leaders and emphasize the urgency.  Many people are currently in serious situations where they must leave their homes for a variety of reasons....taxes just being one of them.  For these people, many of whom are beyond retirement age, the situation is a crisis.  With few or no new buyers coming to Pawling our real estate values will only stagnate further.


The tax burden on the homeowners in Pawling will only go up further if we don't band together to stop it. Time has run out for many people.  Without new people to move in and buy those houses we will continue to stagnant.  Take a drive to Millerton, Saugerties, Millbrook. Look at all the beautiful upscale businesses opening there.  The bottom line is that Pawling is BETTER than every one of them. It's more beautiful, more interesting, with a more fascinating history and much more convenient to the most exciting city in the world.  We have it all.  Let's take advantage of it make this happen fast.